formed in 2013 to serve the need for our own 2013 Cadillac CTS-V, Our first Prototype is still going strong nearly 3 years later! 

Customize your Cold Air Intake with a full color dome Intake Sticker!  

All of our Intake Stickers are made of a Clear, flexible, polyurethane doming material is designed to dent and rebound instead of scratching.

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Cold Air: The Secret Weapon

Improving airflow to the engine is just one part of what Intake Systems are designed to accomplish. It is a scientific fact that cold air is denser than hot air, so therefore cold air packs more oxygen molecules into an engine. More oxygen means more complete combustion, and more combustion equals more power.  Intake Systems replace your vehicle’s restrictive factory air box with a computer-designed Cold Air Dam (CAD), which separates the  premium filter from hot engine compartment air while supplying the filter with plenty of cooler outside air. This cooler, dense air charge is the key to getting more power from your engine. Most Intake Systems are smog-legal and utilize factory mounting points for ease of installation. Keep your Intake looking good with a Color Intake Sticker from


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