Your Source For Intake Stickers

Clear, flexible, polyurethane doming materials designed to dent and rebound instead of scratching. IntakeStickers are produced using 100% solvent-free, RoHS approved urethane with a durometer of 45-50 Shore-D. Doming thickness can be controlled from 50-90 mils ±10 mils.

Operating temperature: -40° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C). No effect from several hours exposure at 300° F (149° C). No effect from split-second exposure to direct flame from propane torch. Sustained exposure to direct flame (1500° F/ 816° C) will liquefy the doming material, but avoids holding a flame unless exposed to continuous extreme temperature.

Outdoors: It has been laboratory tested to withstand the equivalent of three years of Florida sunlight in a salt-water mist without any shrinkage, yellowing, or deterioration. Passed 1,500 hours QUV exposure. Passed 1,500 hours Xenon Arc Weatherometer at 2,900 kj/m2. Passed 113,000 Langleys – Outdoor Florida Weathering (exposure to direct weather 5° from horizontal facing South).

Chemical Resistance: no effect from fresh or salt water; no effect from moderate to weak acids and alkali; no effect from alcohols (e.g. methanol); glycols and glycol ethers (e.g. ethylene glycol) acceptable, but some swelling may occur; aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene and toluene) may cause some loss of gloss and swelling; keytones, esters, and chlorinated hydrocarbons may cause some loss of gloss and swelling.